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103: The Tax Collector/She Dies Tomorrow + Our First Beer Mail

This no-theater BS has us down. A look back at older movies has been a blast during the COVID pandemic, but we're really missing new releases in the theater! We scratch the new release itch this week with two new films that just debuted on VOD, The Tax Collector and She Dies Tomorrow. Should YOU watch them? You already know of Carlos's man crush on Shia LaBeouf, one of the stars of The Tax Collector. Does the movie have more than just buff LaBeouf? We'll fill you on. We last talked aboutShia in our Honey Boy/Peanut Butter Falcon episode a while back. Our first and only mead review. Listen in to that episode here. Joe and Carlos went into the episode just KNOWING that David was going to love She Dies Tomorrow, a moody, subtle film about paranoia and community mental health. Seems presceint. What did we think? Listen in and find out. Become a patron today!

Our beers this week: Railroad Brewing Company's Stouted Conductor

Claremont Craft Ales' Buddy Black Rye IPA

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