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74: The '6 Beer' Episode with Guest, Harold Ramos - Atlantics/Inside Llewyn Davis

Our good friend and beer-cellar-master Harold Ramos joins us and brings too many beers for one episode. Scratch that. There's never too much beer. This '6 beer' episode is legend as we, well, get a little drunk. Together we review Atlantics and The Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis while enjoying: Prairie Artisan Ales' Vanilla Noir Conquest Brewing Company's The Finisher St. Arnold Brewing Company's Bourbon Barrel French Press Hill Farmstead Brewery's Beyond Good And Evil (Maple Syrup Barrel) New Braunfels Brewing's Hell Yeah - PKL FKR and the Mikerphone Brewing/Voodoo Brewing Company Collaboration Bourbon Barrel-Aged Press Play We all love Atlantics, particularly the score, cinematography and understated 'zombie' effects. Inside Llewyn Davis is a revisit for most of us and all agree that this 2nd viewing exposes some richness and layering that puts it 'up there' with other great Coen works. Plus, that soundtrack! A mess of great beer, but let's get real. Those high ABV's at that pace dull the tongue. But then THE WORST BEER WE'VE EVER REVIEWED ON THE SHOW SHOWED UP. Harold brought that New Braunfels Brewing's Hell Yeah - PKL FKR which he'd been saving for such and occasion. The story goes that early releases were infected and smelled like raw sewage stored in a used diaper. Bingo! Listen to Dave's reaction especially. This beer gave him a nightmare.

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